Heather Butler Smith

heather butler smith

intuitive artist and medium

Connecting with spirit through cards, auragraphic art and mediumship.

card readings

If you have questions you'd like ask or are looking for clarity in a situation then a card reading may be just what you need.  I use a variety of different packs depending on what feels right for your specific reading.  

  • Angel cards (various packs)

  • Oracle Wisdom cards (various packs)

  • Chakra cards

  • Tarot cards

  • Power Thought cards

Readings are done via FaceTime or Zoom and can be booked for either 20 mins or 40 mins duration.


  • 20 mins - £20

  • 40 mins - £30


An auragraph is a beautiful way of receiving an intuitive (psychic) reading. Inspired by the psychic vibration received from a photograph and a name (and sometimes a date of birth) I create a painting/picture that is unique to you. It tells a story taking certain elements from past, present and future aspects of your life.

Auragraphs are unique, one of a kind works of art accompanied by a personal reading.  Auragraphs make beautiful keepsakes or gifts for family and friends. 

Creating an auragraph takes time, so I ask that you allow at least a 2 week lead time.

Please scroll down for more information on auragraphs, including prices.


Connecting with someone in spirit can be a great comfort to some people.  However, it's not always the person you want to hear from who comes through. Some people in spirit can take a bit of encouragement or need some time in transition before they come through. 

There are 4 main routes our intuition uses to communicate with us, known in psychic circles as the "four clairs": 

  • Clairvoyance  - where the intuitive sees images and describes what's being shown to them, by the spirit making the connection.

  • Clairaudience - hearing voices which is often how messages are delivered from spirit.

  • Clairsentience - recognizing feelings that are being communicated, both emotional and physical.

  • Claircognizance - this is a "just knowing" the intuitive gets during a session.


  • 20 mins - £20

  • 40 mins - £30


Creating an auragraph takes time and the more detailed the piece, the more time it takes.  Below are the different auragraphic styles I offer.  All paintings come with their own unique reading.

Style A


Inspired by spirit, I use watercolour paint on high quality paper to create a unique image, which I can then use to produce a reading.

Spirit guides me to the colours and shapes and I allow their energy to flow through me.

Painting and reading are sent to you via email.  Original painting can be posted for an additional cost.

Price: £25

Style B

watercolour & ink

This is the same process as Style A with the addition of fine line ink to enhance specific areas of interest within the painting.  

Painting and reading are sent to you via email.  Original painting can be posted for an additional cost.

Price: £35

Style C

watercolour & ink plus

Created with greater fine line ink detail than Style B, these are truly works of art, accompanied by a more detailed reading.

Original art and reading sent via post/mail.  Can also be sent via email if requested. 

Prices range from: £75 to £150

Style D

auragraph mounted on board

Want to frame your unique painting?  Receive your painting matted/mounted, ready to be popped into an A4 frame (not provided).  The reading will also be printed on high quality paper. 

Price: style A, B or C plus £15

Treat yourself of someone you love to a beautiful work of art and intuitive reading!

Other sizes are available on request.

auragraphic art gallery

Here are some examples of auragraphs I have created.

email heather for further information or to book a reading 

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hello, i'm heather  

intuitive artist and medium 

I wanted to share a little about myself, so here we go!

I've lived in 38 houses in my life so far.  I know....it's crazy, right? I've called Canada, England and the USA my home over the years.  However, I'm now settled back in beautiful Scotland, the land of my birth, living in Bearsden, just outside of Glasgow. 

I have always known I was an intuitive person, and over the years I've become more empathic and aware of the energy in and around me....and others.  I found myself spending more time with people who really seemed to "get me" and who encouraged me to embrace the feelings and develop them further. I realised that by using intuition, mediumship and connection with spirit, I may be able to help people cope with grief, let go of guilt and move on with love.  So, I joined a wonderful development group run by respected medium and teacher Nicola Harvey-Hall.

Nicola and I have known each other for many years and I've gone to her for readings in the past, so I knew she ran development groups and that her style of teaching would work for me....and I was right!  Nicola has given me the opportunity to try many types of intuitive activities and also encouraged me to create auragraphs for readings and drawings to express my connections with spirit.

And here I am now......intuitive artist and medium!